Saturday, June 11, 2011

PB in Hartamas route training!

I always wonder why I could run much faster and sustain longer in the race, but always do badly in LSD training. Even with much slower pace in LSD, I always struggle in last few kms.

Is it because I eat PowerBar before race so I have more energy?
Is it because I usually wake up early for a race so I am totally awaken?
Is it because I wear my "pia" shoes in the race?
Is it because of consistent water stations during the race?
Is it because of the race atmosphere?

Ming "forced" me to have a faster LSD training. So I decided to run Hartamas route this morning (without Petronas loop) and tried to make it under 2 hours (without rest time).

I woke up 10min earlier to eat half piece of PowerBar (urggg... it is a very expensive food, gotta save the other half for next run). I wore my favourite Salomon T-shirt. This time I wore Brooks Glycerin 8 instead of NB860 which is my usual training shoes (not wearing adiZero Tempo... this pair is strictly for race and speed training).

I was already in 'pia' mode when starting. I didn't quite believe I reached double hill entrance at 29:40! For a second I had a thought to change to run double hill and try to make sub-1 LOL! To save a mere few seconds, everything was in fast motion, including crossing Jalan Duta LOL! Finally I reached Petronas in about 58:25... huhh... made it into an hour.

Drown myself with Tropicana Twister orange juice... it was so sweet and gave me the quick energy that I needed for the rest of the distance. Took the rest for about 5min and then headed off again.

Even though there is more downhill in the returning route, but I knew I was not as fast as the first part anymore. There was an accident near Duta Nusantara, a Kelisa had overturned. Slowed down few seconds to watch, since there were quite some people were helping already, and I had to catch up my work too, so I just resumed running. Later I heard the driver was asleep hence the accident, and fortunately he was ok and no one else was hurt, especially runners.

Even though I knew I was getting slower, but I couldn't abort the mission. Just kept running, running, and running. Finally completed the run in 2:03:26.... if excluded the rest time, it was 1:58:14... mission accomplished!

Thanks very much the running buddies who were running and pacing me today!

With rest:
18.94KM - 2:03:26 - 6:32

Without rest:
18.81KM - 1:58:14 - 6:18

9.39KM - 58:25 - 6:14
0.13KM - 05:12 - Rest
9.42KM - 59:49 - 6:21

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